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Chan Lab

Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis

Mohan is a postdoctoral researcher who comes to us from Imran Siddiqi's lab at CCMB in Hyderabad, India. He is an expert in meiosis and apomixis.

Mohan's selected publications:

• Marimuthu, M.P.A.*, Jolivet, S.*, Ravi, M.*, Pereira, L., Davda, J.N., Cromer, L., Wang, L., Nogué, F., Chan, S.W.L.#, Siddiqi, I.# & Mercier, R.#
Synthetic clonal reproduction through seeds
Science, in press
(* equal contribution, # corresponding authors)

Gamete formation without meiosis in Arabidopsis
Ravi M, Marimuthu MP, Siddiqi I.
Nature. 2008 451:1121-4