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Chan Lab

Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis

Chan Lab Alumni

Joseph Ramahi, former graduate student. Left the lab in 2012, now a postdoc in David Solecki's lab at St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Jodi Stewart, former technician. Left the lab in 2007, now a graduate student in Jennifer Nemhauser's lab, University of Washington
Pak Kwong, former technician. Left the lab in 2009, now a graduate student at Al Courey's lab at UCLA
Tina Thornhill, former technician. Left the lab in 2011, studying physical therapy at University of Colorado in Denver.

Former undergraduates and summer interns

• Anne-Elise Barbu
• John Tapley
Jasmine Beil
Julia Lonhart
Christian Santa Maria
Ron Menorca. Left the lab in 2010, now a medical student at the University of Rochester
• Lili Wang. Summer visitor in 2010, now a grad student at the University of Michigan
• Tan Jie. Summer visitor in 2011